The Gardens are now closed to the public for 2023, and will reopen on the 12th Feb 2024.

I thought I would focus on the unusual Magnolia ‘Tropicana’. It is a very peculiar green/yellow and pink flowered hybrid between an American Magnolia acuminata ‘Fertile Myrtle’ and a Chinese Magnolia sprengeri ‘Divi’. When it first flowered a couple of years ago we thought it quite odd, but worth naming so we ran a competition to name it. We had many completely unsuitable suggestions which fully described it the colouring however it was decided upon ‘Tropicana’!

It was grown from seed from the International Magnolia Society at Caerhays and we were very surprised to see its very peculiar colour. Normally a yellow pink cross creates a muddy brown flower but this one is really bright with green/yellow outside and pink inside.

Magnolia 'Tropicana' - Caerhays Estate