The Gardens are open to the public from the 12th February – 16th June 2024.

As lockdown (hopefully) becomes an unpleasant memory, it is time to think about the next major challenge which all businesses face in the next 10 years.

Confining the global temperature rise to 1.5C to 2°C, reducing global warming, and achieving Carbon Net Zero (a 60% reduction in carbon emissions relative to 1990) requires all businesses and individuals to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions. The government has set out challenging plans to meet this target by or before 2050.

Burncoose Nurseries - Reducing our carbon footprint

So where does Burncoose position itself in all this and what can we do to improve?

Within the nursery we have already taken the obvious, immediate, steps which we can:

We have now changed to using only recyclable pots rather than black plastic ones although it will take a year or two to complete this change in the growing cycle of the plants which we produce

☑ Nearly all of our packing materials are now biodegradable and, apart from the plant labels themselves, no plastic is involved.

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